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Solomon in England and Wales

Hello Class Mako

I am sorry for my slack of writing on my blog but I have been busy and having a great time. I am writing to you from Battersea in London in my Auntie Emma and uncle Shunils house.
 Shunil is my Mothers brother while Emma is his wife . I have been doing a lot and wont be able to describe it all in my first blog so I will do a top 5 for my favourite things that I have done in England and Wales. I have seen a lot of family and friends and been to a lot of places so here is  my top 5 (this excludes meeting family and friends).

5. The Tate Modern art gallery
It is a great art gallery and was incredibly tall. I got scared of looking over the railing from 10 stories. It had a lot of weird art features including one with a creepy doll that had chains connected to its legs, arms and head and was repeatedly getting dragging round like a mangled dead body.  

4. The National art gallery
Although I don't really enjoy art I really did like the art gallery as it had Turner, Pica…

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